Behavior and Climate

These courses provide both practical guidance and the theory behind the guidance in how to apply behavior change to climate action. The courses are ideal for individual learners, university classes, nonprofits, government, and businesses who want to increase their effectiveness in climate action. 

Testimonials for our Behavior Change for Climate Action 101 course:

From a climate practitioner: "Overall, there is excellent content in this course! I appreciate how rooted in evidence the information is and how it frames encouraging actions in behavioral science, providing nonprofit practitioners with a solid foundation for determining if and how they can encourage their communities to take action.... I can't wait to see it out in the world and put to good use by practitioners!"

Erin B., climate practitioner and educator

From a behavioral scientist: "Wow, overall this course was exactly what I was looking for to connect the principles of behavior to climate change communication. The content was interesting, easy to digest, and nicely paced. My favorite content was the knowledge application and specific action resources. I noticed so many crossover terms and concepts between the work that I do and the work that you do. thank you so much for this opportunity to continue to learn and grow and add to my repertoire!"

Hadley K., Board Certified Behavior Analyst

From a climate change graduate student: "As someone without much of a background in psychology, it definitely helped me get a better grasp on motivations, how to encourage behaviors, and things to avoid when trying to implement behavior changes. I enjoyed that...I was tested on the content immediately following the completion of the lectures instead of entirely at the end. I think it helped me understand the concepts piece by piece and build upon each section. The hints were also very helpful and I liked consulting them to further understand the concepts. Overall great course, I definitely learned a lot and am excited to apply it to my research!"

Gina D.R., climate change engineering graduate

From a science policy postdoctoral fellow: There was some really interesting course content in the lectures. I especially liked the 2nd and 3rd parts that focused more on examples and specific actions we can take around us. in particular, learning about communication techniques as well as what drives liberals vs conservatives was very interesting. It was great to see... data included to back up the claims presented.

Georgia L., Ph.D., biological engineer and AAAS Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow

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Behavior Change for Climate Action 101

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This first-of-a-kind program for climate change practitioners and educators helps you learn and apply behavior change concepts to encourage individual pro-climate action. Subscriptions begin on date of registration.

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