Dive Deeper: Great Ocean Conveyor - 1 Month Subscription

Is the Gulf Stream collapsing? What causes ocean currents, and how could they be affected by climate change? How do ocean currents benefit our weather and marine food chains? This FREE program helps you learn the information presented by Dave Borlace in the Just Have a Think (JHAT) video#48 and beyond.

These FREE courses are designed to support and enhance learning of the climate concepts provided by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think: The Climate and Sustainable Energy Channel. This mini-course provides a useful background for understanding the oceans and their role in climate change as presented by Dave in the Great Ocean Conveyor, video #48.

The course helps you better understand the theory of and impacts of ocean circulation; oceanic current movement caused by density differences (thermohaline circulation) and the wind; surface and bottom currents; the impact of climate change on the oceans; the connection between the oceans and climate change, weather, and the food web; key definitions; locations and names of important currents; and blue ocean events.

The Initial Learning module helps you learn the material at a comfortable pace. The Achieving Mastery module lets you practice until you respond accurately and without hesitation, thus greatly increasing the likelihood that you can convey an understanding of this material when discussing it with others.

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