What We Do

Our mission at the Center for Behavior and Climate is to make a difference on climate change for people and wildlife through transformative education. We create educational materials that translate cutting-edge behavioral and environmental science and insights for multiple audiences.

We develop online courses, webinars, and training workshops on behavior change and climate action, and on climate science and solutions. We help our clients and students master this complex educational material through proven effective and efficient educational strategies. We have the expertise to achieve superior instructional outcomes, given our experience of over 20 years in implementing systematic procedures for online instruction, performance evaluation, and course improvement.

Current and intended clients include university faculty, high school teachers, professional associations, nonprofits, municipalities, government agencies, and individuals.

PleaseĀ contact us if you have instructional needs in climate change or would like to collaborate with us in developing these materials. We want to help you succeed in your educational and outreach efforts!